Master Data Management

Madison Sterns Master Data Management (MDM) consultants help companies create a single, integrated vision of their organization.  Merging data with people and processes is critical to remaining competitive and innovative as technology evolves.  Madison Sterns has expertise in a variety of industries including healthcare, financial, aerospace and defense, manufacturing and retail services.  Your company can benefit from increased data management and integration:

  • The demand for speed to market and agility require a change in business processes; organizations need to manage their data assets more strategically to remain competitive.
  • Companies require a complete view of data across all sectors to better inform decision making.
  • Investors and stakeholders demand operational transparency.

Many companies don’t invest enough time in understanding their customer base.  They have difficulty managing inventory, suppliers, services and products.  Most importantly, they don’t design processes to support and retain employees.  This lack of knowledge about company operations can be attributed to a variety of factors:

  • Insufficient understanding of master data (structured and unstructured) relationships.
  • Disorganized addition of new data enterprise solutions over time.
  • Introduction of new data relationships due to mergers or acquisitions.

Companies attempt to synchronize master data subsets over time, resulting in duplicate data located in different systems.  Synchronization techniques include batch processing and file transfer, application messaging, uploading spreadsheets, e-mailing and re-keying of data.   These traditional synchronization techniques lead to disjointed data systems and unstable data retrieval.

Madison Sterns MDM consultants introduce a new mind set of discipline, emphasizing business-driven technology to fully utilize the power of a company’s data.

If your business operations are experiencing one or more of the problems below, implementing a master data management solution can help:

  • Difficulty finding the complete set of master data for a customer, product or asset.
  • Inability to extract the master data in a usable form.
  • Inconsistent data definitions across multiple systems.
  • Difficulty discerning if the data is complete and correct.
  • Delay in communication between data enterprise systems.
  • Inability to access critical data to support decision making.

Madison Sterns helps companies develop integrated data management solutions, with a focus on data quality, data tools and data governance:

The trend toward data integration is driven by people – the users of corporate data.  Companies have internal needs for data and often focus solely on their employee and management needs.   The external needs of customers, suppliers and the public are critical to a company’s market presence, resilience and competitive edge.  Madison Sterns data management solutions consider the needs of both internal and external users.

Many organizations are generally dissatisfied with data quality, performance, and customer service.  These indicators confirm a lack of data consistency.  Madison Sterns MDM provides critical integration of data technology, process and people to develop an overall enterprise information management strategy.