Functional Service

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
ERP has expanded beyond core administrative and operational systems to become the end-to-end enterprise wide business process backbone of today’s organizations. Madison Sterns unlocks the power of ERP solutions for our clients, beyond cost reduction, to unleashing the growth possibilities that ERP can offer a company as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other technologies. Madison Sterns has the experience to deliver the synergies between ERP and various technologies such as such as supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), master data management (MDM), and business intelligence. Madison Sterns builds holistic solutions using ERP as the backbone. Madison Sterns primary ERP delivery service is with SAP and Oracle suite of products for both on and off premise solutions.

Data Management and Integration
Companies increasingly view data integration tools and processes as critical components of delivering analytical insights and a one enterprise-wide version of the truth to key decision makers. Madison Sterns is focused on delivering solutions across multiple styles of data delivery including master data management (MDM), business intelligence (BI) and service-orientated architectures (SOA). Madison Sterns data integration services are focused on data acquisition for BI and data warehouses, creation of master data stores for consolidation and rationalization of data, data migration and conversions, synchronization of data across multiple operational applications, and the unification of structured and unstructured data. We focus on providing a holistic solution for data management and integration, ranging from data governance to end-user reporting, always focusing on the goal of delivering the single source of data truth. Madison Sterns technology delivery experience includes SAP, BusinessObjects, Salesforce Analytics, Microsoft, Oracle, and Informatica.

Customer Relationship Management
Sales organizations are under constant pressure to help companies achieve and sustain profitability through top-line revenue growth. The result is often large investment in technology and education in order to develop the sales skills and behaviors necessary to acquire and retain customers with shorter selling cycles. Madison Sterns CRM practice focuses on delivering both the technology and process disciplines that can help a company acquire and retain customers. Our CRM technology experience is focused on delivering Salesforce and SAP CRM solutions for both sales and service management.

Management Consulting Solutions
Madison Sterns offers experienced consultants to evaluate business processes and recommend productivity improvement strategies. Clients involved with mergers and implementing organizational change benefit from our experienced training and management consultants.

Technology Development Solutions
Madison Sterns works with clients to analyze software application needs and design effective information technology solutions. Software architects and engineers are familiar with Waterfall, Iterative and Agile development techniques. Software applications can be implemented on a variety of platforms and languages, including, Drupel, Java and .NET.