Former PricewaterhouseCoopers, Whittman-Hart and KPMG principals founded Madison Sterns in 2001 each with over 15 years of consulting experience with Fortune 1000 companies. We started Madison Sterns intent on leveraging our experience and lessons learned for the mid-market having implemented a combination of complex process and technology solutions for Fortune 1000 companies. Our experience coupled with our emphasis on efficient execution of our solutions, with an eye towards speed to completion, has fueled our growth since our inception.

We’ve successfully built the company by sourcing skilled technical and business professionals who deliver solutions that meet our client’s requirements.


Understanding a company’s capability and constraints has certainly enabled our successful delivery to mid-market companies. Our approach to providing comprehensive solutions focuses on three key areas, 1) People, 2) Process and 3) Technology, all of equal importance, in order to provide a holistic solution for the companies we work with.

People. They are the key players in any solution/implementation since they will be the process owners, application users and application administrators. The challenge of any implemented solution is first achieve acceptability of the system by the people who are going to use it and then competence and expertise in utilizing the solution to its full capabilities.

Process. Improvement and standardization of processes is a critical outcome of almost every engagement Madison Sterns is involved with. Improved cycle times, cost reductions, inventory reduction, time to deliver and many others are the direct benefit of undertaking any project whether it is optimizing existing systems and processes.

Technology. Implementation of new technology automatically entails adopting technical solutions that will address scalability, visibility, and upgradeability to newer technologies.

The implementation on any solution is a journey towards achieving organizational efficiency. This demands a strong commitment by the organization’s stakeholders throughout the entire process.

We understand mid-market companies deal with the same market forces and competitive pressures that any Fortune 500 company is faced with but execute their business model with fewer resources, capital and time.

Because mid-market companies need to be proficient in executing their business model they require their vendors to do the same.

We follow these key principles on every engagement:

  • Efficient and timely delivery is a must
  • Cost containment is of the utmost importance
  • Establishing self-sufficiency with the solution equals success.
  • Our approach focuses on the efficient use of company resources, ensuring knowledge transfer and accelerating the delivery by minimizing design options and encouraging fast decisions.