Madison Sterns provides industry experts to deliver global solutions focused on key verticals including Consumer Products, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Industrial Manufacturing, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Services.

Consumer Products
Consumer products are goods used in and around households or residences for personal use and enjoyment.  We provide software and information technology solutions to help manufacturers, distributors and retailers of consumer products manage inventory and track sales.

Apparel, Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Power tools, Sporting Goods, Toys

Finance and Insurance
Financial and insurance companies face challenges in assessing risk, securing data, and managing economic cycles.  Our enterprise resource planning solutions provide companies with planning and tracking software, secure data storage and retrieval systems, and management and training consultants to facilitate organizational change and mergers.
Banks, Insurance Agencies, Investment Banking, Real Estate Investment Trusts

Food & Beverage
The success of the food and beverage industry relies on timely delivery of goods, innovation and efficiency in packaging, and meeting food safety regulations.  Madison Sterns management consultants and software engineers can help companies develop and implement cost-saving scheduling and distribution strategies.
Wholesale Distribution, Bottling and Distribution, Flavorings, Spices, Candy and Confections, Beverages

Industrial Manufacturing
Manufacturing companies and associated industries require increased process efficiency to maintain a competitive edge.  Madison Sterns provides automation technology strategies and web-based data systems to support production and material handling.
Equipment Manufacturing, Automation and Control Products, Material Handling, Textile, Metal Fabrication

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is experiencing rapid growth in technology and increased demand for research, medical record management and healthcare administration.  Madison Sterns works with clients to deliver comprehensive and dynamic software solutions to track and manage healthcare and pharmaceutical company information.
Medical Device, Compliance, Validation, Bio Technology, Pharmaceutical, Distribution & Wholesale

The retail sector continues to be challenged by managing inventory, increasing productivity and maintaining cost efficiency. Madison Sterns develops customer relationship management solutions and e-Commerce solutions, including front-end design and web-based solutions to support the retail industry.
Apparel & Accessories, Footwear, Building Materials, Cosmetics, Computer, Grocery, Music, Home Furnishings

Service industries rely on customer relationship management and productivity improvement strategies to maintain competitiveness. Madison Sterns partners with a variety of consulting firms to implement business technology strategies.
Commercial & Industrial Equipment Rental, Engineering Services, Freight and Shipping, Travel Agencies, Waste Management, Security