Madison Sterns is a certified Salesforce Partner and software vendor that offers a wide range of customized development solutions on the leading cloud platforms. We recognize every client has unique individual needs and we help craft custom CRM software solutions from development and data migration to implementation and training.

Salesforce Implementation
Your Salesforce Solution Launched Effectively

Madison Sterns highly skilled consultants help companies implement their Salesforce solutions quickly and effectively, with minimal or no down time. Companies eager to start utilizing Salesforce in place of existing systems will improve efficiency with Madison Sterns Salesforce implementation experience. Companies looking to improve and enhance existing Salesforce solutions will also benefit from Madison Sterns expertise.

Salesforce Development
Custom Salesforce Application Development

Madison Sterns offers a broad spectrum of customized development solutions on the top cloud platforms, including, Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine. Our Salesforce development team leverages the flexibility of the cloud environment to rapidly build and develop custom applications.  Our clients save valuable time and money because they are able to reduce the time it takes to get products and services to market.

Salesforce Integration
Integrate Existing Systems Using Salesforce

Salesforce integration helps companies to link critical data from different systems together in one cloud-accessible platform. Madison Sterns helps companies gain efficiency by integrating sales and customer data and making the same information available to all levels of management.  Centralization creates efficiency, because data does not have to be entered in multiple locations or extracted manually.

Data Management
Effectively Migrate Data from Legacy Systems

Failed data migration efforts cost companies lost production time, and result in duplicate and missing data. Madison Sterns can help your company migrate valuable data stored in obsolete systems, or data in many different databases, formats and platforms. Whether your company has a low-budget project or a large-scale software migration, Madison Sterns will take the time to understand and meet your specific business needs.

Comprehensive User Training

Failure of users to adopt a new system is why 50% of CRM systems are unsuccessful. Madison Sterns certified consultants train your entire project team on how to use Salesforce solutions to assist with day-to-day business needs. Madison Sterns trains both Salesforce administrators and end-users, to ensure your company has the expertise to run the system at all user levels. Training services are not limited to companies with new systems – clients with existing Salesforce systems also benefit from training.