Human Capital Management

People are the foundation of implementing process and organizational change.  Madison Sterns provides human capital management solutions to help companies execute technology projects rapidly and effectively.  Human capital solutions include consultation for planning and executing solutions, and specialized human resource consultation and management support systems.  Companies that ignore the critical aspect of human capital management risk developing and funding technology solutions that fail.

Madison Sterns human capital management services provide:

  • Human resources management support, including recruitment and staffing, personnel management, benefits and payroll, workforce and succession planning, training and career development and health and safety administration.
  • Business consulting services to improve organizational performance, optimize organizational design, and manage change.
  • Information technology consulting services to help your company design and integrate technology with enterprise resource planning systems and business intelligence platforms.  Support for project management teams as new products and services are implemented.
  • Consulting services to advise on sourcing strategies and solutions to supplement and support staff before, during and after organizational transformation.  Sourcing strategies can include internal reorganization solutions as well as external delivery, including outsourcing, “offshoring” and shared services.
  • Human resource integration through implementing enterprise resource planning solutions in conjunction with software solutions, including PeopleSoft, SAP and ADP outsourcing.

Madison Sterns understands the value of human capital management and what seamless integration of people, process and technology can do for business.  Contact a representative today about how our human capital management solutions can help make your next technology project a success.